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Set up in August, 1998, Taizhou Overseas Int'l Ltd. is an authorized import & export corporation authorized by the Economic and Foreign Trade Ministry. The company, consisting of a number of expertise versed in foreign business and with rich experience in the field, has established business relations with more than thirty countries and regions in five continents and set up a certain net of business agencies overseas. Besides, the company has also established close contacts with a lot of manufacturers and suppliers.

The main business scope covers: chemical intermediates and pharmaceuticals; dyes; light industrial products and arts & crafts; footwear; wooden furniture; metal utensils; mechanical & electronic products; canned foods; garments & textiles. The total number of items to be handled amount to more than 300. Besides, the company engages also in processing with materials supplied from overseas, assembling with supplied parts and components for overseas businessmen, manufacturing with foreign designs, compensation trade and transit trade.

In the past seven years the company has witnessed a steady increase of its business volume with a total import & export worth of 1500 million RMB Yuan. In the year 2005 the company totaled its import & export worth of 50 million US dollars. The company has become one of the key enterprises of Taizhou city in foreign trade, helping over 150 enterprises sell their products to over fifty countries and regions including Germany, Japan, U.S.A, Nigeria. The company has done what it can to push forward the local economy, to upgrade some of the local industries and contribute to the state taxation.

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